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Wedding Unity Glass Sculptures

Wedding Unity Glass Sculptures

Blending of the Sands ceremony symbolizes the merging of two selves, of two independent beings into one interconnected life. A wedding is one of the most memorable moments in someone's life, and Lake Superior Art Glass is proud to support this by offering a new way to represent your everlasting love— our Unity Glass sculptures.


Unity Glass sculptures begin with the participants choosing colors that represent themselves. Whether a birthstone shade, a representation of their personality, or just simply their favorite color, Lake Superior Art Glass has a wide variety of transparent and opaque frit, or crushed glass pieces, which can be melted down into a swirling, never ending symbol of your lives together.

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Lake Superior Art Glass can make a number of different decorative or functional pieces using your selected glass colors— the traditional Unity Sculpture, a set of Stemless Unity Wine Goblets, a Unity Wave, a set of Unity Frit Tumblers, and much more.

LSAG is proud to have been part of so many families' special days. If you're interested in joining them, visit our Unity Glass page.

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