Ron Benson

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Artist Ron Benson

“I chose the lake as subject matter because it is something the public overwhelmingly responds favorably to. When you ask people who live around here what they like about the area, they almost always point to the lake. There is something about this immense body of water that is universally appealing. It may be one of the few things we all have in common. We all love the lake.”

Ron's goal is to create eco-friendly art that is fresh, positive, and enhances the quality of space for people who inhabit it. His process of hand-carving a ceramic master mold allows him to make additional sculptures at minimal cost. Thus, a limited edition series varying in color and glass density, can be executed and installed in more than one location. His glass-work is the result of an original and unique process. 

In fact, Ron diverts glass from the waste stream and turns it into sculptures, tiles, back-splashes, and privacy windows for homes, businesses and schools. "Most recycling plants don't accept window glass. It ends up buried in landfills. It is nice to give a second life to materials that would have otherwise been buried.”