Chris Ahalt

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Artist Chris Ahalt

The thrill never gets old of thwarting the glass’ desire to fall apart and it’s always a victory when a piece comes together.  Glass is very much like walking a tightrope - there’s a rush of gratification you get once reaching the other side because you know from experience how easy it is to fall. 

Luck was on Ahalt’s side when he was able to go to Venice, Italy in 2004 and apprentice under the renowned master flame worker, Cesare Toffolo.  He went from tinkering in a garage not knowing exactly what he was doing, to learning old world techniques from a master. 

Ahalt currently lives in Minneapolis where he is a self-employed flame worker specializing in custom glassware, vases, sculpture, lighting, prototyping, and commissioned work.  Ahalt has taught numerous glass-blowing workshops nationally and his work was highlighted in the 2011 March/April issue of American Craft Magazine.