Anthony Michaud-Scorza

Artist Anthony Michaud-Scorza


I am a hot glass blower and sculptor living and working in central Minnesota. I create forms and color schemes to evoke emotion in the viewer. My main goal is to make objects that visually bring the onlooker to a place they have not yet experienced. I do this by utilizing the simple beauty of a form, the excitement of a brilliant color scheme or the narrative qualities of a series of realistic sculptures and their subjects. I make all the parts that lead to these final creations starting with the equipment in the studio ending in the finishing of the final work. This is a lifelong pursuit and passion for me. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t contemplate some new focus, subject or technique in the hopes of creating that work of absolute beauty and expression. I have something inside me dying to escape into the glass that is my medium.

-Anthony Michaud-Scorza