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About Our Artists

Our gallery proudly showcases a collection of glass artistry featuring works from some of the most distinguished glass artists in the nation. At Lake Superior Art Glass, we are committed to presenting a diverse array of glass artworks, including both functional and artistic pieces, as well as offering bespoke glass art services. Our carefully curated selection includes creations from our in-house artists and esteemed independent artisans. We invite you to explore this page to gain insight into the talented artists whose work your purchases support.

Chris Ahalt

Chris Ahalt has been blowing glass since 1998. Chris went to Venice, Italy in 2004 to apprentice under world-renowned master flame worker, Cesare (Chez-a-ray) Toffolo. There he learned the centuries-old techniques of Venetian Glass Blowing which had a huge impact on his work allowing his perfectionist/showy side to push glass to its limits. Chris will assist Cesare whenever he is able with classes in the U.S.  Chris has also delved into making sculptural glass animals look like balloons. A graduate from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in 2000 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture/ Furniture Design, Chris taught a Venetian glass class at LSAG in January 20

Doug Becker

Douglas Becker has over twenty years of glassblowing experience. His designs focus on capturing the fluid movement of molten glass. To convey this into his finished pieces he creates softly distorted shapes and softens the surface of the pieces with etching and acid polishing. From whimsical birds to exquisite vases, you can see the playfulness in each piece. 

Anchor Bend Glassworks

An unprecedented glass artist collaborative established in 2003.  This award-winning team is comprised of three childhood friends Michael Richardson, Justin Tarducci, and Timothy Underwood.  All met while exploring their shared enthusiasm for art, glass, and creation in and around Newport Rhode Island. Combining their shared passion for hand blown glass after more than 10 years of personal development, Anchor Bend Glassworks continues to redefine the glassblower's art.  The talents from each artist encourage and compliment the energy and originality that permeates every piece of hand blown glass that Anchor Bend creates.  Their award-winning designs can be seen at select galleries and museums Nationwide. Through their work and mission, they help support many nonprofits and charities including The American Heart Association, The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, March of Dimes, Boys and Girls Club of Newport, etc.

Charles Grisham

Charles Grisham began his career in fused glass art began when he and his wife (also a fused glass artist) were invited to do an art show with nationally known ceramic artist, Amy Sabrina, at her Art Harvest in 2007. Since then their art has grown in popularity. They find the biggest compliment is when buyers come back to purchase more pieces due to the success and compliments they gain after their first purchase. Their art has found homes in Sweden, Australia, Norway, Germany, Guiana South America, Hawaii, Washington, Wisconsin, Florida, New York and many other states. They have done special requests for special occasions, and have not only met, but rose above their expectations. 

Scott Hartley

 GLASS is my escape.  GLASS is the glimmer in my eye.  GLASS gives me that same huge smile and flutter in my chest. GLASS is the perfect marriage of both art and science!  My wife, my family, and my art have shaped me into the person I am today.  My work is hard – both physically demanding and mentally draining – but it is by far the most rewarding work that I have ever done in my life.  If you question my love, my happiness, and my joy that I have found in art and glass, look into my eyes…the shine is bright, just like a piece of glass.  Be careful, or you just might catch the fever.

Ernie Kober

Growing up in a family of glass artists, I began working with this medium at an early age (8 years old which means he has been blowing glass for over 70 years!) and I chose to make glass art and sculpture my life and career. I have had a long career of traveling to art shows, giving lectures, lessons and demonstrations on the art of glass blowing and sculpture lampworking using borosilicate. I have maintained several shops in various states and now work in my private studio in Kansas City. I sell to and display in galleries across the United States. My passion and drive as a glass artist is reflected in each of my pieces as I continue to strive to produce new and exciting forms everyday. Each of my pieces is made exclusively by me; I do not use the work or product of anyone else in my art. My goal, as an artist, is to bring joy and appreciation of color, form and nature to those who purchase and collect my work.

Allison Borgschulte

Allison Borgschulte works primarily in fused glass, weavings, and panels. Inspired by the visions seen through themselves, her kaleidoscopes are made of pieces of stained glass and topped with a custom-made marble from her partner artists. She began working at the Moon Marble Company in Bonner Springs, KS, as their graphic and web designer. Exposed to many talented glass artists, she couldn’t resist the draw to take up the medium herself and began taking classes in stained glass and later in glass fusing.

Anthony Michaud-Scorza

Anthony Michaud-Scorza is a glassblower and sculptor living and working in central Minnesota. With a constant goal to make objects that bring the onlooker to a place they have not yet experienced, he works to use forms and color schemes that evoke emotion in the viewer. Utilizing the simple beauty of a form, the excitement of a brilliant color scheme, or the narrative qualities of a series of realistic sculptures and their subjects, each piece is unique and carries a distinct 'vibe'. He makes all the parts that lead to these final creations, starting with the equipment in the studio and ending with the final work.

Brian Miller

Beginning in Arcata, CA, he now works in Northern MN with his family. His works are nationally-recognized, with each piece being entirely unique, made by hand out of Borosilicate glass. Brian Miller pulls inspiration from ancient Egyptian glassworking patterns and infuses them into his artwork; creating striking, well-composed pieces.

Dan Mirer

Dan Mirer sees beauty in an efficient production. To create his personal blend of traditional, innovative, and esoteric glass art, invention is often a necessity — many of his designs require custom tools and processes. Currently working in Corning, NY, home of the Corning Museum of Glass, he takes pride in personally making each piece from start to finish.

Danté Germain

Of the Eponomous Studio Dante Germain Glass, works to capture the fluidity and motion of nature in the static form of glass art. His works ask viewers to not only view and interact, but also to think about their relationship and experiences with their favorite river or body of water.

Emily McBride

Emily McBride brings a fresh perspective to functional glass art. Utilizing clear glass and bright colors, she creates eye-catching blown glass works that feel modern, yet timeless.

Filip Vogelpohl

Filip Vogelpohl, owner of Boise Art Glass, was born in Prague, Czech Republic, and fled to the United States in 1987 as a refugee. He grew up in Boise, Idaho, and took numerous art classes throughout high school. After graduating, while traveling the Northwest, Filip visited Eugene, Oregon, where his instant attraction to glassblowing sparked. The first two years of flameworking involved extensive torch time and guidance. Filip continued to travel while taking classes all over the world. He studied with such greats as Robert Mickelson, Kevin O’Grady in Colorado, and Casare Toffolo in Murano, Italy. Now, Filip works everyday blowing glass and teaching classes at Boise Art Glass. He has his glass art in galleries throughout the country and his custom-ordered chandeliers can be found in many restaurants and homes.

Jake Speich

Jakob Speich, of Duluth, MN, began over a decade ago at the University of Wisconsin, River Falls. Since then, he has created a wide range of works, each exploring a playful attitude toward color and design, while still maintaining an advanced technical skill. His path through glassblowing has brought him through time at FOCI, and currently acts as the Studio Manager at Lake Superior Art Glass.

Jodie Cowan

Introduced to glass art in 2011, Jodie Cowan originally picked up stained glass as a hobby, but was not easily satiated by these humble beginnings. Since beginning in 2011, she has focused heavily on fused glass, using her background in stained glass and mosaics, while incorporating recycled materials to create truly one-of-a–kind works.

Jody Freij-Tonder

Jody Freij-Tonder works to combine environmentalism with glass artistry to create items that not only look good, but feel good as well.

Jonathan Oien

Jonathan Oien, of Full Circle Glassworks, works to convert plate glass, a medium generally considered to be 'waste' due to its difficulty in recycling, into unique sculptures with an easily recognizable appearance.

Julie Rutherford

Julie Rutherford has worked through countless mediums— woodworking, textiles, knitting, and more, finally settling on stained glass as her tool of choice. Beginning on paper and ending with an eye-catching, unique glass art piece, each of her works fit perfectly in any home.

Kari Elrod

While some glass artists take raw materials and sculpt them until they reach a peak, Kari finds enjoyment in working within the structure and limitations of pre-made glass, coaxing it into forms that seem impossible. By using recycled materials, Kari's work is infused with experience— full with the knowledge of the life it held before it became art.

Leckie Gassman

Leckie Gassman, utilizing beautiful color fades and strong, rounded shapes, creates glass art that is as beautiful as it is functional.

Margaret Handley

Margaret Handley, originally training as an engineer, fell in love with stained glass as a medium from its jewel-toned beauty. Rather than soldering, she works in glass fusing— using sustained heat to melt pieces together into strong, self-sustaining works. For over two decades, she has worked to bring geometry to her pieces, laying out designs on graph paper, layering pieces to build structure, choosing kiln temperatures to fuse the pieces together and finish the edges. Margaret has regularly attended workshops and classes at Bullseye and Hot Glass Horizons in Portland, OR, as well as Arrowmont Craft School in Gatlinburg, TN. She now lives in Eveleth, Minnesota.

Marlo Cronquist

Marlo Cronquist creates vessels inspired by the world around their placements— forming colored glass into vibrant, soft, and touchable pieces. Her work has brought her many opportunities to improve her skills and create pieces that are unlike any other, while still retaining the base elements as her inspirations before her.