Jonathan Oien

Artist Statement: 

My name is Jonathan Oien, I am a glass fusing / slumping artist.  I grew up in a smaller town in Minnesota called Red Wing.  As a boy I spent many a night at my best friend Aaron's home.  In our own adventures being boys, I watched his dad in the background.  Cutting glass, putting it in the kiln and seeing what happens.  Fast forward to 2018.  I was talking to my buddy's dad Mike.  He was talking about retiring.  I thought to myself, I watched him build a craft from his basement.  Making these glass sculptures over the years, refining and creating objects that drew my eye and my spirit.  I did not want to see everything Mike has done stop.  I was very lucky, I asked if he would take me on as an apprentice.  I spent a weekend with Mike and Jody to see if this was a good idea or not.  Well the weekends kept happening, Mike kept showing me more and more.  I am very honored to have been able to apprentice with Mike.  Faster than I thought, the torch has been passed.  Now, I am in my basement... Cutting glass and putting it in the kiln and see what happens as my son plays with me in the background.  Full Circle Glassworks.