Recycled / Earth Friendly

Here at Lake Superior Art Glass, we strive to protect our environment.  From using upcycled packing materials in our shipments to using our waste glass to create more beautiful products, we are constantly transforming our business to become more sustainable. With our new Hot Shop furnace running on electricity, our long-term vision is to use power from renewable resources. 

New Life Recycled GlasswareWe have brought New Life to our waste glass! Made from recycled glass from our Hot Shop, these glasses offer a stunning blue color that would fit any aesthetic.  When our waste glass is melted down all the other color melts out except for blue. Cobalt, the metal that creates the color blue in glass, always remains. The result is this beautiful morning blue color, giving us Glassware with New Life. 

Jon Oien uses recycled plate glass in his glass sculptures

We also love to support other artists making products out of reused materials.

Jon Oien uses plate glass windows to create beautiful sculptures that are reminiscent of ice. Plate glass windows cannot be recycled in a traditional manner, so his creations are extra special to us. You can find Jon's work in our gallery and a few pieces on our website

Jodie Cowan uses scrap glass to make beautiful jewelry

Jodie Cowan uses scrap glass from our own Hot Shop to create beautiful wearable jewelry and functional magnets. Some of her work uses broken glass from the Gallery, pieces that fell off the punty during production, or even bits of glass that get removed during the creation of a blown glass piece. Jodie uses cold working tools to reshape the pieces and then remelts them in her kiln to get the desired finished look. You can see Jodie's work in the Gallery. 


Jody Tonder Recycled Earrings

Jody Tonder also uses recycled glass to create simple, beautiful earrings with pops of color. Some of her pieces use recycled soft glass, but she also uses recycled bottles to create some really unique sets.  You can see Jody's work in the Gallery.


Ron Benson Recycled Plate Glass art

Ron Benson is another artist using plate glass from windows to create slumped murals and tiles.  His goal is to create eco-friendly art that is fresh, positive, and enhances the quality of the space for the people who inhabit it. You can find Ron's work in our Gallery.   

Kari Elrod slumped recycled bottles

Kari Elrod is a multifaceted artist that creates recycled slumped bottles to use as serving trays for our gallery. Find her work in our Gallery, or contact us to get a custom tray made from your own bottle.

Glass Straws - Lake Superior Art Glass
Lake Superior Art Glass $9.00
Cobalt Blue
Light Blue
Swizzle Stir Sticks - Lake Superior Art Glass
Dan Neff $10.00
Plain Swizzle Stick
New Life Recycled Blue Glassware - Lake Superior Art Glass
Lake Superior Art Glass from $38.00
End-of-Day Glass Vases - Lake Superior Art Glass
Lake Superior Art Glass $64.00
Recycled Glass Wave Sculptures - Lake Superior Art Glass
Lake Superior Art Glass from $65.00
"Beach Glass" - Lake Superior Art Glass
Jody Tonder $26.00
Vertical Flower Bowl-Jonathan Oien-a frame,cabin,finnish,frosted,glass,ice,recycled,winter
Jonathan Oien Sold Out
New Life Recycled Glass Kiss - Lake Superior Art Glass
Lake Superior Art Glass $9.00
Finnish Frame Cabin-Jonathan Oien-a frame,cabin,finnish,igloo,recycled
Jonathan Oien $68.00
A Frame Cabin-Jonathan Oien-a frame,cabin,finnish,recycled
Jonathan Oien $72.00