Kristin Perkins

Artist Kristin Perkins

My contemporary style is inspired by the natural beauty of glass and my belief that its fascinating properties should be the focus of my work. By making glass beads in clean, colorful geometric shapes and keeping my metalwork clean and simple, I strive to create jewelry that makes a statement with vibrant color and bold design, yet is easy to wear every day.

I make each glass bead used in my jewelry one at a time using the lampwork technique. I work in mostly Italian and American (Bullseye) glass. I also hand fabricate each of my sterling silver setting and components.

I discovered my love for creating jewelry while in high school in 1984 when I took my first class in jewelry design, focusing on metal fabrication.

Through the years, I explored a variety of styles and techniques while developing a particular fondness for incorporating beads into my work.

In 1999, as a birthday gift, my father paid for a series of glass blowing lessons for him and me to try together. I had always been inspired by the colorful, shimmering blown glass displayed in local galleries. I immediately fell in love with working molten glass. As my obsession with glass grew, I was eager to find a way to work with glass in as much of my spare time as possible.

Lampworking, and the ability to incorporate glass beads into my jewelry designs, became the perfect way to combine my two favorite media.

-Kristin Perkins