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Discover the Magic of Glass Art

Welcome educators and camp leaders! Are you seeking an extraordinary, hands-on educational experience for your students or campers? Look no further than our unique glass art classes, designed specifically for kids aged 4 and up. Dive into the mesmerizing world of glass art, where creativity knows no bounds, and every piece tells a story.

A New and Unusual Experience

Our glass art classes offer a distinctive and unusual experience that goes beyond the typical field trip or camp activity. Here, children can explore the fascinating process of transforming raw materials into beautiful glass creations. It’s not just an art class—it’s a chance to witness the magical transformation of glass, experiencing something new and memorable.

Engaging Options for All Ages

We provide a variety of class options tailored to engage young minds and spark their artistic imaginations:

  • Blown Ornaments: Twist and color to create dazzling ornaments. Ages 10+
  • Glass Flowers: Shape vibrant blooms that never wilt. Ages 10+
  • Paperweights: Mold and design a mesmerizing keepsake - if you put it on a lit stand, it’s a nightlight. Ages 10+
  • Pendant Necklaces: Craft unique jewelry to wear and share. Kids pendant class ages 4+ 
  • Icicles: Form cool glass icicles that glisten like real ice. Ages 16+

Each option is designed to be age-appropriate, ensuring that every child can participate fully and safely in the creation process.

Interactive Demonstrations

If hands-on crafting isn’t feasible for your group, we also offer captivating demonstrations. Watch as our expert artists manipulate molten glass, demonstrating techniques and sharing insights into the art and science of glassmaking. It’s a fantastic visual spectacle that will leave the group in awe.

Memorable Learning Experience

Our classes entertain and educate, incorporating elements of art, science, and engineering. Kids will learn about the properties of glass, the history of glass art, and the techniques used in manipulating it. They’ll leave with a unique creation and a deeper appreciation for this extraordinary art form.