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Build Memories Through Experience With Your Troop

Ignite Creativity, Forge Bonds

Embark on an adventure where the flames of our studios not only shape the glass but also light up the enthusiastic eyes of  Boy Scouts in Duluth's Canal Park. Here, each twist and turn of molten glass becomes a tale of creativity, skill, and brotherhood.

Guided by Experts
With our skilled instructors at your side, rest assured that each scout will be guided, nurtured, and inspired. Whether it’s their first encounter with glass or a deepening of a newfound interest, there’s valuable learning in every moment.

Craft More Than Just Glass
It's about more than just creating art; it's about crafting lifelong memories, forging strong connections, and empowering our scouts with an experience that extends beyond the workshop. Each piece they make not only symbolizes their creativity but also their growth and camaraderie.

The Ultimate Troop Experience
A unique blend of artistry, teamwork, and empowerment awaits your Boy Scout troop. Dive into an experience that transcends the ordinary, offering both a fun activity and a memorable keepsake. Ages 4 and up. 

Gather your troop and let's create magic, one project at a time. Ready for an unforgettable crafting session? Join us in our flamework studio today!