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Design your own Glass Pumpkin! September and October Only!

Design Your Own Pumpkin

Fall is here!

Celebrate the changing of the seasons by designing your very own fall decor— let us make you a one-of-a–kind glassblown pumpkin!

How it works:

  1. Reserve your timeslot online. Please note that each timeslot is for one pumpkin; if you're looking to design more than one, just reserve another timeslot!
  2. Come see us 10 minutes before your reserved time. This will give you time to choose your colors, designs, and size!
  3. Watch our talented glassblowers make your dream a reality! Once you decide how you'd like your pumpkin to look, our artists will get to work creating it right before your eyes.
  4. Celebrate the season! Display your pumpkin proudly on your doorstep, display case, or shelf. These pumpkins last year-round!

Style choices:

A pink glassblown pumpkin with a green stem sitting on a counter, surrounded by glassworking tools and electric tealight candles.
Pictured: Small, twisted, with Amethyst & Soft Rose body and Transparent Green stem.
Same layout as the previous pumpkin, but with a stark black body and iridescent shimmering gold stem & accents.
Pictured: Medium, Black body and Gold Aventurine stem & ridges
Finally, the largest of the patch, a transparent and reflective green body, with a near-rainbow yet deep black stem.
Pictured: Large, Metallic Emerald Green body with Iris Black stem & ridges


All color choices


  • Small, 2-3" tall
  • Medium, 3-4" tall
  • Large, 4-5" tall

Color Manipulations:

  • Spotted
  • Twisted
  • Spiral

Style Upgrades:

  • Extra Color on Ridges 
  • Premium Stem Color
  • Additional Color in Body 
Design your own Glass Pumpkin! September and October Only!
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