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Our new take on "Beach Glass" | Lake Superior Art Glass

Our new take on "Beach Glass"

Here at Lake Superior Art Glass, we strive to reduce our waste and one of the many ways we do this is be using our glass remnants from our Hot Shop! We melt some of our glass remnants down and reuse them to create our New Life Glassware and use the rest to tumble and create our "Beach Glass"! 

True beach glass is created from discarded glass that is then exposed to the elements. Waves tumble the broken glass along with sand and rock to smooth the surface of the glass. The PH of the water will then affect the glass to create a frosted look that the glass will acquire over time. The salt from the sea creates true sea glass, but many use the term sea glass interchangeably with beach glass and lake glass. Our "Beach Glass" is not found in a lake or ocean, but it does feature beautiful glass that has been given a new life through change! 

CBS News features Lake Superior Art Glass in their news clip discussing beach glass here in Duluth! Check it out using the link below!

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