Hot Tottie How To

September 12, 2019

Hot Tottie How To

How to make a Hot Tottie with Lake Superior Art Glass!

Using our beautiful glassware and handcrafted, blown glass stir sticks, we've made a delicious fall treat for 21+! 

1. Start with boiling water and a beautiful tumbler. Our durable tumblers are microwave safe, dishwasher safe, and can handle boiling water safely!

Glass Tumblers from Lake Superior Art Glass

2. Add your favorite tea bag. I've used a Winter Tea Mix which includes chamomile, apple, cardamom, and cinnamon. (It's going to mix well with the whiskey!)

3. Add a generous amount of honey. Because honey is delicious.

4. Squeeze a lemon slice in there!

5. Add your booze! I've added about a shot of barrel-aged whiskey. (And a little extra because I deserve it.) Bonus points if you use local whiskey from Vikre or Duluth Whiskey Project. 

6. Stir it up with your fashionable Swizzle Stir Stick from Lake Superior Art Glass, of course. 

7. Add a lemon wedge and enjoy!