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Annual Marble Hunt: July 19th – It's a Glass-tastic Adventure at Duluth Public Library!

Are you ready for a glass-tastic adventure? Join us on July 19th for our annual Marble Hunt, a day filled with fun, excitement, and glass treasures hidden across all three branches of the Duluth Public Library! 

When and Where:

Date: July 19th, 2024
Time: 10:00 AM until all treasures are found
Locations: All three branches of the Duluth Public Library

This year, we're upping the ante with not just marbles, but also a special Glassling and a bonus pendant necklace hidden among the bookshelves and nooks of our beloved libraries.

What’s Hidden:

  • Handcrafted Marbles: Each one is a unique piece of art.
  • 1 Special Glassling: A quirky, adorable glass creation waiting to be discovered.
  • 1 Bonus Pendant Necklace: A beautiful glass piece for the lucky finder.
  • Swag Bags for Runners-Up: At each marble location, we've hidden 3 swag bags containing limited edition stickers. Because everyone deserves a little prize!

How It Works:

At 10 AM, we'll release the first clue, revealing which library to start your hunt. Get your sleuthing caps, reading glasses, and spirit of curiosity, and head to the library! The hunt will continue until all the marbles, the Glassling, and the pendant necklace are found.

Why Join the Hunt?

  • For the Thrill: There's nothing like the excitement of finding a hidden treasure.
  • For the Prizes: Unique glass art pieces and limited edition swag!
  • For the Fun: It's a great way to explore the library and enjoy a day of adventure with family and friends.
  • For All Ages: Whether you're 5 or 105, this hunt is for you!

Remember, the early bird catches the worm (or in this case, the marble), so don’t be late! Sharpen your detective skills, grab your library card, and join us for a day of fun, puns, and glass treasures. *library cards are not required, but, while you are here you might as well sign up for one right?!

See you at the library, Marble Hunters! May the odds be ever in your favor and your hunting skills be sharper than a shard of glass. Let’s make this Marble Hunt a day to remember! 

Thanks to the Duluth Public Library and The Duluth Library Foundation for being our partners for this year's hunt!

Annual Marble Hunt: July 19th – It's a Glass-tastic Adventure at Duluth Public Library!
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