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2024 Marble Hunt Rules

Marble Hunt Rules: Library Edition

To ensure everyone has a fun and safe time during our Marble Hunt, please follow these rules. Remember, the library is a place for all to enjoy, so let's respect the space and each other!

  1. Library Etiquette: Keep your voices at a reasonable volume. This is a hunt, not a shouting match. Respect those who are reading, studying, or quietly browsing.
  2. Stay Grounded: Do not climb on bookshelves, furniture, or any other fixtures. All treasures are hidden within easy reach.
  3. Respect the Space: Do not move or rearrange library materials. Keep books, magazines, and other resources where you found them. Feel free to look behind books on the stacks but please put them back where you found them.
  4. Stay Safe: Do not run or engage in horseplay. Walk calmly and safely through the library.
  5. Cleanliness Counts: Dispose of any trash properly and leave no mess behind. Treat the library as the treasure it is.
  6. Ask for Help: If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to ask a librarian. They won’t give away hiding spots but can help with general library navigation.
  7. One Per Hunter: To ensure everyone has a chance to win, please limit yourself to one marble per person. Once you find one, let others have a turn at finding the remaining treasures.
  8. Enjoy the Journey: Remember, the fun is in the hunt. Whether you find a treasure or not, enjoy the adventure and the joy of exploring the library.

By following these rules, we can ensure a smooth, safe, and enjoyable Marble Hunt for everyone. Happy hunting, and may you find more than just marbles – may you discover the magic of the Duluth libraries!

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