Guest Artist Residency: Tynan Pratumwon

October 29, 2020

Guest Artist Residency: Tynan Pratumwon

We are excited to invite our deeply respected friend, Ty Pratumwon, to our Hot Shop studio to blow glass and showcase his work.

About Ty:

Tynan Pratumwon, an accomplished glass artist

Tynan Pratumwon, an accomplished glass artist, has spent a lot of time traveling and learning.  As a young man he lived in Iowa, Minnesota, Thailand and as a Rotary exchange student in the Faroe Islands.  Forever attracted to the arts, Tynan was attracted to drawing, sculpture, and ceramics until he tried glassblowing at the University of Wisconsin - River Falls.  He immediately became attached to the material and began to learn as much as he could.  He gained experience and inspiration traveling and working as a student at places like the Corning Museum of Glass.

Ty Pratt Glass Basket

Ty specializes in his own style of glass basket as well as his Venetian style of glassware. The baskets are an idea that began in a time of high stress and contemplation for Ty.  The idea was to make a piece that held a pattern reminiscent of a woven basket, complete it with a texture that needed to be touched and then sculpted to fold like fabric. The form prior to sculpting is symmetrically round, the ideal of most vessels.  In the final moments of working, the lip is pushed into the finished form, taking away the perfection of the round.  The pieces offered me a kind of stress relief through the final sculpting, and continue to give me incredible opportunities to experiment with new colors and their touchable surfaces.

Currently working out of FOCI Minnesota Center for Glass Art, and Vandalia glass where he focuses on using the knowledge he has gained to create beautiful handmade objects to be used in everyday practice. 



Wed, Nov 11: Ty and Jake, our Studio Manager, will be blowing glass after hours on this day. We will be live streaming this on our Facebook so be sure to watch these two experts work together on some amazing new pieces for our gallery. 

Thurs, Nov 12: Starting in the afternoon, Ty will be creating more pieces in the Hot Shop. He will narrate his work so be sure to stop in and watch someone new in our studio. We will be Live Streaming some of his work on this day, so keep watch on Facebook. 

Friday, Nov 13: Stop in the gallery to see the art release of the amazing pieces created during this residency. We will be creating a new display for Ty's work made in our own studio and will be on display until the end of the year.