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Guest Artist Residency: Dante Germain

We are excited to invite our deeply respected friend, Dante Germain, to our Hot Shop studio to blow glass and showcase his work.

Artist Statement by Dante:

Dante Germain Guest Artist

Design intrigues me because of the influence it has on the way we feel, what we communicate or how we act.
Glass intrigues me because of the fragile, unforgiving but rewarding process it presents. A medium that poses continuous exploration with ongoing challenges.
Pattern intrigues me because of the arrangement of lines, whether organic or methodical, the viewers eye can be moved through or along the work. The fluidity of glass in its molten state gives me the ability to twist and manipulate linear patterns into a three-dimensional canvas.

Dante Germain visiting guest artist



Wed, Feb 24: Dante and Jake, our Studio Manager, will be blowing glass after hours on this day. We will be live streaming this on our Facebook so be sure to watch these two experts work together on some amazing new pieces for our gallery. 

Thurs, Feb 25: Starting in the afternoon, Dante will be creating more pieces in the Hot Shop. He will narrate his work so be sure to stop in and watch someone new in our studio. We will be Live Streaming some of his work on this day, so keep watch on Facebook. 

Friday, Feb 26: Stop in the gallery to see the art release of the amazing pieces created during this residency. We will be creating a new display for Dante's work made in our own studio.




Guest Artist Residency: Dante Germain | Lake Superior Art Glass
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