Live Demos

Demonstrations at Lake Superior Art Glass

Demonstrations Every Day!

Lake Superior Art Glass has the unique ability to make glass art right before your eyes! Our specialized studios allow viewing from multiple angles. You can see our Hot Shop with a rolled up garage door long Canal Park Dr. It allows you to watch from the sidewalk, or better yet, come inside and ask the artist questions about glass, glass techniques and more while they work. 

These demos are not scheduled, but something is always happening in the Hot Shop.

In-House Demonstrations 

Special in-house demos are available for groups or organizations which are scheduled ahead of time. These demonstrations are for large groups of up to 30 people. Please contact us to learn more about pricing.

On Site Demonstrations

Lake Superior Art Glass, can come to your school or business and set up a glass blowing demonstration outside or in a well ventilated area. Demo will include topics of science, art, business in our local community, and a discussion of how with practice and determination, anything is possible. For an additional fee, patrons could have the opportunity to help design their own pendant. For more information please contact us.