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Now presenting vibrantly unique wall flutters made by Lake Superior Art Glass! These flutters liven up any room and come in multiple color variations. 


  1. Choose your Wall Flutter size:
    1. Small= Approx 6" - 8"
    2. Medium= Approx 10" - 12"
    3. Large = Approx 14" - 16"
  2. Please note that while most Wall Flutters are round, some variance is to be expected.
  3. Choose your 1st color, which is the BASE color. 
  4. Choose your 2nd color, which is your accent color. (You do have the option to do a single color.)
  5. Choose your flutter color manipulations.
    1. Spiral: A two-tone flutter that spirals out from the center.
    2. Twisted: The color is mixed up and twisted around the flutter at random.
    3. Spotted: The color is spotted around the Wall Flutter. 


*Please note that not every piece will be identical as it is all handmade and subject to variations in shape and color.

This item is MADE TO ORDER and may take up to four weeks to produce. Please call the Gallery to purchase a RUSH charge if you need it sooner. 


Please select all options.

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