Dan Neff

NafGlass Glass Art by Dan Neff

Dan Neff - Duluth, MN Glass Artist

After my first class at age 17, I was hooked. In this molten form, glass loses its fragility and responds only to gravity and myself. By shaping, stretching, and blowing, I bring the glass to life.

Glass is not only a way to express myself but also a way to fulfill my need to work with my hands and to have something to show for a day's work. At a young age, I learned a strong work ethic from my family but especially my grandfather. He was a stonemason and I started working with him at age 11. From these experiences, I learned the value of hard work and the value of mastering a craft. After two years of “playing” with glass, I decided that I wanted to master the medium. I gave up virtually all of my other passions; playing drums, guitar, saxophone, recording music and doing live sound. I then dedicated every spare moment aside from school and work, to pursue the mastery of glass. I started selling my work at outdoor art festivals a few years later as my summer job during college. As I was finishing my degree, I started taking professional-level glass classes from world-renowned artists.

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