Custom Order

Yes! Commissions and custom orders are always welcome! Included below are the custom pieces we frequently make. Custom orders require a 50% nonrefundable deposit. To learn more or inquire about other custom orders, contact us here. We look forward to working with you and making your ideas become a reality!



Custom Corporate Gifts and Awards

Custom Corporate Gifts & Awards

Are you looking for an award or corporate gift for your company that makes a bold eye-catching statement? Our beautiful custom art glass sculptures or marbles do an amazing job of recognizing special achievements for your event. Blown glass awards are unique and fit they style for modern or traditional decor. Each piece has its own character and is completely unique, bursting with swirling, vibrant colors. Learn More >


Custom Lighting

Custom Light Shades

Custom Lighting can create the perfect atmosphere and the finishing touch to your home or business. We can create custom pendant light covers and a wall sconce covers that match any decor style. Our custom lighting options are eye-catching and the perfect statement piece for your needs. Learn More >



custom unity scupture frit wedding ceremony

Unity Sculptures

A unity ceremony, known as the Blending of the Sands, is common in traditional weddings. A unique alternative that mimics this ceremony but uses crushed glass instead of sand results in the perfect memento; a glass Unity Sculpture. Choose the colors of glass frit you'd like combined at the ceremony and turned into this infinity-shaped, work of art as a symbol of your everlasting love. Learn More >
custom memorial pieces made with ashes

Memorial Pieces

Preserve and cherish your unconditional love with these unique alternatives to a traditional urn. By using less than a teaspoon of your loved one’s cremains, you can still honor the traditional spreading of ashes and keep them close to you. Your loved one’s cremains are held with highest regard; remains are always handled carefully and respectfully. Learn More >
custom memorial pieces made with ashes

Custom Tap Handles

Custom blown glass tap handles make the perfect gift for the beer nerd or beer geek in your life. We can also create custom taps for businesses, restaurants, or bars. These eye catching taps livin up a space and the swirls of color can match your design scheme. Learn More >
custom etching duluth mn

Custom Etching

Have a special message or logo to etch onto glass? Ask us about our etching rates. Learn More >