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Three ways to support a child's creativity

kids class lake superior art glass pendant flamework safe

1. Be a creative role model

Kids believe that they can be creative when they see that it is possible. When they see their parents making things, dreaming and achieving, they believe that it is possible for them too.

2. Take a break from screens

Regular time away from a screen can help muster creative thoughts and allows time to be inspired by the world and pursue creative outlets.

3. Cultivate their interests

Did your child show interest in his brother's soccer game? Maybe it's time he signs up for a league. Were they impressed with the glass blowers at our garage door window making a flutter bowl? Now, kids ages 4 - 11 have their own class option at Lake Superior Art Glass to spark their creative fire with this safe, rewarding learning experience!

Classes available every day, sign up online by visiting here.

Three ways to support a child's creativity | Lake Superior Art Glass
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