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The Third Annual Great Pumpkin Hunt!

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That telltale cool breeze is in the air... Halloween is here! Celebrate with Lake Superior Art Glass's third-annual Pumpkin Hunt!

Current Clue

Clue #10

Your final clue — our biggest pumpkin of the day! Come to the place where all of this began — not the hunt, but the pumpkins themselves! There, you'll find your final challenge...


 Find a pumpkin? Take a picture where you found it and tag @LSArtGlass on social media for a chance to win a FREE Flamework class!

Clue history:

  1. Found! In Lester Park Playground, behind a burned birch hidden under a few leaves.
    "Aye, Sargent! Your first pumpkin is hidden in the kid-friendly head of a beautiful hiking trails system, alongside a river connecting greater Lakewood Township to the Great Lakes."
  2. Found! In Morgan Park's playground inside the top of a jungle gym. Without a pier, but named after a Pierpont, this model city was seen nationally as the premier company town before being ceded to the City of Duluth in 1933. After looking up the history, find your next pumpkin where today's youth go to play!
  3. Found! In Rice's Point, behind educational signs about water pollutants. Underneath one of Duluth's three main bridges, this point of entry to the great lakes is a relatively newer one. For your next pumpkin, look where the land meets the water!
  4. Found! In the Sister Cities Park, inside one of the plaques explaining the history of the artwork. This time, celebrate Duluth's connection to the rest of the world in culture, rather than water. While hunting for your next pumpkin, learn about five of Duluth's close relatives!
  5. Found! In Morley Heights Park, inside a tree. A tiny park with a big impact — this location was named after someone who was once the biggest hardware wholesaler in the country — further cementing our Zenith City's place in history.
  6. Found! In Chester Bowl, in the rock wall of the creek bridge. One of Duluth's best traits is our ability to work around the natural beauty of our countless lakes and streams. Your pumpkin, this time, uses this to its advantage — visit where the city gathers to play, hike, fish, and ski, but look where the creek meets the cars!
  7. Found! At the fork of the lakewalk near Holiday, at the very end of I-35. North or South, trains or trees, your next pumpkin loves both of these! Take a holiday to the fork between Hillside and Lakeside.
  8. Found! On top of the iconic Rose Garden rotunda. On this beautiful Duluth day, visit the place where flowers bloom, children explore, and families become one. Your next pumpkin is hidden at one of the most beautiful destinations in Duluth!
  9. Found! At The Depot next to the statue of Albert Woolson. This Duluth landmark is the second of its kind to sit in this location, but if you find the seated man who was the last of his kind, the pumpkin won’t be far behind.
  10. Check back to see where the rest have been hidden!


In celebration of the best time of the year— Halloween, Lake Superior Art Glass invites you to join the third-annual Great Pumpkin Hunt!
Participants can visit our Facebook page at @LSArtGlass or check this page to see the clues as they’re released on Saturday, October 29th.

Clues of each pumpkin’s whereabouts will be posted every 45 minutes, or until each pumpkin is found. To ensure that everyone has a fair chance to get their own, the pumpkins will be hidden all across the city, from the west-end to Lakeside. No matter where you live, check the website to find one near you!

What to know:
The Great Pumpkin Hunt
Duluth, MN
Saturday, October 29th, 2022

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All pumpkins will be hidden on public land. We do not trespass to hide these pumpkins, and you should not trespass to hunt.

Do not damage anything, including natural elements. We will never hide pumpkins in a location where you'd be required to damage or destroy plants or property.
Participants join at their own risk. We are not responsible for anything that may occur to you or others if you choose to join the pumpkin hunt.
Many people will be out in the same locations as you. Please be mindful and courteous of others to allow everyone to have fun. Remember, this is a community event first and a competition second.
Participants caught violating these rules may be told to leave and will forfeit any winnings.
Thank you for following these restrictions so that we may continue to hold these events in the future.


Not able to make it? No worries! Look through our Online Store.
Join the fun with The great pumpkin hunt. Subtitle: Take part in this free Halloween event. Image ID: A glass pumpkin, vibrant green, sits next to a branch and fallen leaves as though it was hidden.
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