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November's Featured Artist: Leckie Gassman

Accent your home with Gassman Glass's intricate work.

Known for his rich, evenly faded colors and detailed engravings, Leckie has been a staple of our gallery for years, having done a residency in our Hot Shop back in February of this year, and now working alongside world-renowned glass artist Dante Marioni in their collaborative showcase at Hawk Galleries in Columbus, OH.


From his artist biography:

While in college at Alfred University I began transitioning from the pottery studio where I worked alone to the captivating community of the glass studio. Together with glass and pottery, I also began using the wood lathe. By working all of these processes together they began to enlighten my understanding of each separately and ultimately enhanced my outlook of form, composition, and most importantly hand crafting materials as a whole.
These experiences have deeply influenced my work and led me to work in a glass production setting for several years after college. After gaining an understanding of production and the hand skills that accompany I began traveling through residencies in order to pursue my own potential as an artist and maker.

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Featured Artist for November 2022: Leckie Gassman. Decorative etched glass. IMAGE ID: Close up on a soft-colored glass vase, engraved with abstract symbols and shapes, centering on an illustration of an eye.
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