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Find Rip Van Inkle!

Embark on a nautical journey through Duluth, decoding clues and navigating the ‘current’ events of our city. Whether you’re a sea-soned treasure hunter or just looking for some fun, this event promises waves of excitement and a splash of mystery.

Here’s What You Need to Know:

  • Date: June 21st

  • Starting Point: Duluth, MN

  • Clues Released: Starting at 10AM and every 15 minutes until it is found to be released on Facebook and Instagram. 

Prize: The first brave soul to uncover our hidden Glassling - Rip Van Inkle, will claim this glass-tacular treasure with a collectable trading card.

Ink-cited to see you there! Be ready to ink-vestigate and uncover the secrets of our hidden glass octopus. Bonus: Come into the gallery in Canal Park for a free Glassling trading card from now until June 22nd or when we run out (only 100 will be made) .

Here are some rules to ensure everyone has 8 armfuls of fun:

  • Stay Grounded: No tree climbing allowed! Let’s keep those arms on the ground, not in the branches.

  • Hands Off the Coral (flower beds): Please leave our decorative coral/floral beds untouched. They're for admiring, not for hiding in!

  • Make a Splash: Most importantly, have a blast! Let the fun flow like the ink of a mischievous octopus.

  • Lake Day Delight: Take advantage of our beautiful lakeside location. Dip your toes, explore the shore, and soak up the scenery.

  • Gallery Pit Stop: Don’t forget to slink into the gallery and share your adventures! Show us your smiles and snag a free limited edition Glassling Trading card as a token to remember your ink-redible day.

Let’s make memories and splashes together!


Find Rip Van Inkle!
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