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February's Featured Artist: Joe Holzhausen

Bring art back into your life with Joe Holzhausen.

Joe Holzhausen, artist, instructor, and 'Goblet Slayer', is often known for his infectious ability to bring emotion into his works. Working to improve the societal vision of the arts and bring us all 'back to our inner child', Holzhausen uses an expert combination of form, color, and message often lost in mass-produced works.

From his artist biography:

We are all born as artists. As children, we create constantly, nearly effortlessly — yet, if we ask a group of adults to do art, we'll hear a lot of hesitation and excuses.

Where did the creativity go?

It is often shoved out of the way by judgement; judgement for ourselves, for others, the results of our efforts habitually downplayed in a pattern we learned by being judged, and by seeing our role models judge themselves.
So great is our own judgement of ourselves, we may even judge our own performance before trying, and dismiss any and all latent potential with a quick "Oh, I could never!"

Eventually, through a worldwide movement of Art & Art Instruction, we can resurrect the dormant artist in each person on the planet; every class taught and every piece sold is a step in that direction.

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February's Featured Artist: Joe Holzhausen
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