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Duck "Sprinkle" Rules

Welcome to Duck "Sprinkle"! Here are some rules to ensure everyone has a quacking good time:

  1. Stay Grounded: No tree climbing allowed! Let's keep those webbed feet firmly planted.

  2. Hands Off the Flowers: Leave the flower beds untouched. Our blooms are for admiring, not digging!

  3. One Duck, One Person: One Duck Per Person. That means that members of a flock could each find and keep one. 

  4. Make a Splash: Most importantly, have a blast! Let the fun flow like the waters of Lake Superior.

  5. Lake Day Delight: Take advantage of our beautiful lakeside location. Dip your toes, skip some stones, and soak up the scenery.

  6. Gallery Pit Stop: Don't forget to waddle into the gallery and share your adventures! Show us your smiles and snag a free limited edition duck sprinkle 2024 sticker as a token to remember your quack-tastic day.

Let's make memories and make a splash together at the inaugural Duck "Sprinkle"!

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