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Design your own glass vase | Lake Superior Art Glass

Design your own glass vase


Give your valentine a gift they’ll never forget 

Go the extra mile this Valentine’s Day with a gift that includes:

  • A custom glass vase
  • A beautiful professional and custom floral arrangement
  • And a fun interactive experience that they remember for a long time!

This February we are excited to partner with our friends at Superior Blooms for a truly unique custom designer and floral experience.

Your Own Custom and Personalized Glass Vase

 If you are new to our designer events we would like to say welcome and we are glad you found your way here! If you are an experienced Art Designer with us thank you for coming back and we think you are going to love this event!

In this designer event, you get to design your own personalized glass flower vase or two bud vases with the help of our artists and gallery staff. After you have hand-selected everything from the vase’s body style, the colors you would like, and how those colors move throughout the piece, our professional glassblowers will bring your vision to reality.

 Here is how your designer events will go:

  • You arrive at our art gallery in Duluth MN 15 minutes before your event and as always you are greeted by our smiling gallery staff
  • They will show you examples and walk you through your options for your vase’s body shape, colors, and color patterns
  • After you design your perfect personalized vase(s) our glass artists create it right in front of you in our Hotshop
  • The artist will explain and walk you through the entire process and the techniques they are using to create your custom vase(s).
  • After they have created your art it will go into our kiln where it will slowly cool for 24 hours. (This next step is what makes this designer event so unique and exciting)

A professional Custom Floral Arrangement

After your artwork has cooled we bring it to our friends at Superior Blooms where their professional florists fill your vase or bud vases with a custom and beautiful floral arrangement that perfectly complements the colors and design of your vase!

After they have added their final touches to your piece it will be brought back to our Art Gallery where our staff will call you (3-4 days after the date of your event) and let you know it is available for pickup.

A Memorable Experience

Maybe you design it yourself and choose your sweetie's favorite colors or use your original wedding colors to bring them back to your special day.

Maybe you book the event and surprise your special someone with the opportunity to design their very own glass vase that you’ll fill with flowers for years to come.

Maybe you decide to design it together as a fun and unique valentines experience.

Whichever creative way you decide to enjoy or gift our designer vase event we promise that with the help of Superior Bloom it will be a fun, beautiful, and memory-worth experience!

Event Details and Information


  • Sign up below to reserve your spot online. Only 1 Vase Designer reservation Per 30 Minute Timeslot.
  • Reservation includes the price for one tall or round vase or two bud vases with two body colors and one color manipulation.
  • Please arrive 15 minutes EARLY to design your vase with our staff. Out of respect for the guests arriving for the following time slot, the experiences will start on time and cannot be delayed.  If you are late you will forfeit your time slot. 
  • Pricing: $99 plus $3 processing fee


  • Tall and round vase height vary by design but will have an approximate 3" opening.
  • Bud vases will be approximately 5”-6” tall with a ½” opening
  • There will be upgrade options for more complex designs or more colors. You can choose to upgrade your design during your timeslot.

Floral Arrangements

  • Please note that Superior Bloom has complete control over the flower choices. If you have allergies, please note that this is outside of our control and this may not be a suitable event.  
  • You will be able to pick up your vase at our Art Gallery 3 to 4 days after the initial design and creation of your vase and our staff will call when your vase and flowers are ready.

Cancellation Policy: 

      Please remember that if you need to cancel or reschedule the activity for any reason, you can call 218-464-1799 or email marketing@lakesuperiorartglass.com. 

  • 50% of your payment is nonrefundable. If you still want your vase, but cannot make your time slot, we can make your vase without you being present and have you pick it up at our location 4 days after the appointment date. If you have any other questions, feel free to get in touch. 


Book your time slot below: 



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