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The Great Pumpkin Hunt

Join us for The Great Pumpkin Hunt, a scavenger hunt taking place throughout Duluth, MN on the Saturday of Halloween weekend!


Pumpkin 1) FOUND - Chambers Grove Park

Clue - This park originally was purchased by Rueben Carlton , who Carlton County is named after. This plot of land is the oldest settlement at the western end of Lake Superior and the oldest established community in the city of Duluth.


Pumpkin 2) FOUND - Gary New Duluth Veterans Memorial

Clue - For almost 70 years this spot has recognized our veterans who have served. With places to sit and think of them now you are sure to find a marble in this western spot. 


Pumpkin 3) FOUND - Blackmer Park

Clue- This park was gifted to the city of Duluth in 1933 by the United States Steel company.


Pumpkin 4) FOUND - Morgan Park

Clue - Originally designed in 1913. This area was referred to as model city and has since been renamed after U.S Steel’s Founder. 


Pumpkin 5) FOUND - Munger Landing

Clue - A trail also claims my namesake but I give access to the river and many use me. Starting next year I will be undergoing a massive cleanup to restore my waters! 

(Please drive slow when entering this site and we hope everyone is having fun!)


Pumpkin 6) FOUND - Riverside Park

Clue - I was founded in 1918 as a part of a company town for this shipbuilding company and was donated to the city in 1930.


Pumpkin 7) FOUND - Keene Creek Dog Park

Clue - This park opened in 2006 and is both human and canine friendly! This park has a creek where the pups can play and cool off! No need to cross a fence to find this pumpkin!


Pumpkin 8) FOUND - Highland gratchel trailhead

Clue - This pumpkin can be found along a popular trail that is over 300 miles long! At this trailhead you will have to cross a “bridge to nowhere” to find our pumpkin.


Pumpkin 9) FOUND - Piedmont park

Clue - This park serves an area that was acquired by Duluth in 1891. In the summer this park is a great spot for baseball but in the winter I am flooded with families skating!

Clue 2This park is in a neighborhood that is mostly suburban in character, with scenic views of the Duluth Harbor and the Saint Louis Bay. Miller Creek flows through at the eastern edge of the neighborhood.


Pumpkin 10) FOUND - Enger Park

Clue - In 1920 an anonymous donor donated $50 thousand dollars to purchase Grand Mountain, which eventually turned into this park. From this location you can over look the city of Duluth with a view of the lift bridge!


Pumpkin 11) FOUND - Duluth Heights park

Clue - This park serves an area that used to be a lake until the 1890’s when development drained this lake to create a neighborhood.


Pumpkin 12) FOUND - Grant park

Clue - This small park that features a playground and recreation center is near one of our elementary schools that is the home of the wolves!


Pumpkin 13) FOUND - Fairmount Park

Clue - The 13th Pumpkin has already been found at Fairmount Park! Thank you to everyone who participated today! We hope you enjoyed and have a safe and fun Halloween!

WHAT: A family-friendly scavenger hunt around Duluth, MN.

Clues will be announced throughout the day on our website and social media.
13 solid glass pumpkin kisses will be hidden.

If you find a pumpkin and you post a photo of the pumpkin and where you found it on Facebook or Instagram, you will be entered into a drawing to win a FREE CLASS.

This is a COSTUMED event! All kids participating can send us a photo of their costume for a mini online costume contest!

Win an extra prize for posing in costume with our SECRET SPY DOG.

Please limit yourself to one pumpkin per child/person. We are hiding 13 pumpkin kisses, so please allow everyone to share in on the fun.

WHY: Halloween is one of our favorite times of the year! We love to dress up and have a good scavenger hunt!

WHEN: The scavenger hunt will take place on Saturday, Oct 30, 2021. Clues will be released throughout the day.
One clue will be released on social media and on our website every 45min, starting at 9am and going until 5pm.

HOW: How do you participate? Just follow us and start looking for pumpkins on Saturday, Oct 30, 2021
The Great Pumpkin Hunt | Lake Superior Art Glass
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