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National Marble Day Hunts 2021

WHAT: A scavenger hunt around Canal Park and the Lake Walk in Duluth, MN where we will be hiding almost $600 worth of marbles! Clues will be announced throughout the day on our website and social media. We will have a teaser hunt for a marble on May 29th (Which is also our 9th Anniversary!) and June 26th to kick off our big marble hunt on July 23rd. On July 23rd we will hide 15 marbles. If you find a marble and you post a photo of the marble and where you found it on Facebook or Instagram, you will be entered into a drawing to win a FREE FLAMEWORK CLASS.

WHY: Dan, the owner of Lake Superior Art Glass, specializes in beautiful collectible marbles. Scavenger hunts on National Marble Day have been a tradition around the country. Thousands of artists are hiding beautiful marbles across the country that are worth real money. We wanted to share in this fun and celebrate marbles here in our hometown of Duluth, MN!

WHEN: The scavenger hunt will take place on 3 dates.
May 29th (1 marble hidden)
June 26th (1 marble hidden)
July 23rd (15 marbles hidden)

One clue will be posted for each marble hidden.

On July 23rd, clues will be released throughout the day for each marble. One clue will be released on social media and on our website every 45 min, starting at 8am. 2nd clue will be released on Saturday if needed.

HOW: How do you participate? Just follow us and start looking for our teaser marbles: on May 29th, again on June 26th, and finally the big hunt on for July 23rd!

July 23rd Marble Hunt Clues. 


Clue #1 Your first marble can be found at a location that was once officially named "Garfield Park" in 1894. This name was changed to its current name in 1902. The marble can be found in a place where you can relax, eat, and watch your family play.

Clue #2 The next marble is located at a river that according to local tradition, the Ojibwe called the river Busabikazibi, "river that flowers through a worn place in the rocks." You can find the marble where the two rivers flow into Lake Superior.

Clue #3 The next marble can be found between 3-3.5 miles along the Lakewalk from Canal Park. This area has been known under many names, Flats or Ledges. Remember: Marble is not in the ground or in an area that will destroy vegetation.

Second clue:
Take a left as you get to the shore and search the rock crevices and piles as you go. No farther along then a football field


Clue #4 Making your way back towards Canal Park, your next marble will be located towards the east end of the Lakewalk by a nice wood platform where you can sit and enjoy the lake surrounded by nice landscaped greenspace.

Clue #5 Continuing with our Lakewalk theme; your next marble can be found by a set of old concrete remains along the shore of Lake Superior.

Clue #6 Prepare yourself for a small hike up and down some hills to where the cars go under ground a second time. This marble is located along a path through the woods to the beach before you see any business overhead. 

Clue #7 Take a break and get a treat at the old gas station turned into a sweet cool treat icon. After getting your treat, come back down the stairs and enjoy it by the lake. This marble can be found somewhere nearby where you might rest your feet. 

Clue #8 
You're almost to Canal Park at this point in our journey along the shore. The next marble can be found where you might cool yourself down on a hot summer day.

Clue #9: Get a good look at the new design of our featured trail, this next mable can be found across from a 1919 icon that used to carry sand and gravel to the shore.

Clue #10: We are now well and truly in Canal Park, you have traversed most of the Lakewalk on our hunt. The end of the trail is in sight and you can see for miles out into the Lake. Be courteous of other people enjoying the sights of ships, bridges, and anchors galore. Beware, if you're spotted in areas you shouldn’t be or damaging property you fortit the prize.


Clue #11 Turn around, turn around and wait for the signal to pass, you are now heading to the other side of the canal. To see what you can see from the south side of the canal.

Clue #12 This next adventure leads you back over the bridge to the other side of the bay. It rhymes with Lakewalk, but is not the iconic trail of our area. You can find this next marble along the route of the famous 5k race run here every year. But don’t go too far or cross any water as you will have gone right past it.

Clue #13 If you're lucky you can take a short cut across this foot bridge and along the boulevard to the where the Tall Ships moor when they are in town. Take a gander around the greenspace you might get lucky and find a treasure, but be careful not to fall in, no one needs the Coast Guard to show up to rescue you.
Clue #14 Go with the flow behind the Aquarium to find your next marble. This one is enjoying a wonderful view of the bay, close enough to hear the music that occasionally plays, but far enough away that you don’t need ear plugs to enjoy it.

Clue #15 Our last and final marble of the day, brings us to a place to play, sing, dance, and eat depending on the event. The entrance to this special place that can host thousands stands tall and proud.


National Marble Day Hunts 2021 | Lake Superior Art Glass
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