Design Your Own Custom Glass!

Lake Superior Art Glass


Duluth, with its history and many breweries, is a beer-centric community! Customize your blown glass by choosing the shape, colors, and color manipulations. 

All the coloration will be on the BOTTOM HALF of the glass. 

Glass Types:

  • Straight Walled Tumbler
    • Approx Dimensions: 3"w x 5.75"h
  • Stemless Wine Glass
    • Approx Dimensions: 3.25"w x 4"h
  • Pint Glass
    • Approx Dimensions: 3.25"w x 6.5"h
  • Pilsner Glass
    • Approx Dimensions: 3.5”w x 6.5"h
    • *Pilsner shape is made by hand and will have an imperfect shape.

Colors: Two colors are included, but for $5 you can add a third. 

Color Manipulations: 

  • Spotted: The two colors have spotted coverage
  • Twisted: The two colors are mixed together and twisted along the glass
  • Spiral: The two colors are applied on opposite sides and then spiral up the glass. 

Blow Molds: Blow molds create optic effects on the surface of the glass. Choose Optic or Pineapple Mold. 

Shipping: These custom glasses are made to order and could take 10 to 14 days to be shipped out. 

Custom glassware is only refundable up to 50% and it is up to our management team to determine any faults in the glassware.