Terry Weaver

Artist Terry Weaver

Terry Weaver was a licensed architect  in 1988 when he took his first  glass blowing workshop. He was hooked instantly and that  passion evolved until he opened his own part-time glass studio in 1998. For several years, Weaver would fire up his studio once a month to blow glass. This allowed him to slowly and methodically build his skill. After many years of juggling construction, architecture, and glass blowing, he decided to dedicate his life full-time to glass blowing. In 2007, Weaver began creating and selling work out of Woven Glass Studio, a clever play on his last name and glass art style.

His architectural background is a strong influence on the shapes, designs, and colors that have evolved in the studio. Weaver wants his glass to be looked at as functional art. The intent is to keep the pieces smaller so that the customer will be comfortable using it and not just having it on display. He tries to keep the shapes clean and simple. Some of the pieces become playful with striking contrasting colors and at other times the colors become softer and more laid back.