Matt Seasholtz

Artist Matt Seasholtz

Matt Seasholtz’ education and early career were as a mechanical engineer. He began working with glass in 1984 at Glasslight, Inc where he blew glass and contributed to product design. Engineers can often make incredible artists as their technical and problem solving skills can sometimes lend themselves to seeing new ways to create art and manipulate materials. Over the following decades of working with Joel and Candy Bless at Glasslight, Matt began creating his own style of work. In 2004 he moved to Johnson, Vermont and built his own studio to pursue that artistic vision.

Matt’s design philosophy approaches glass art with simplicity and elegance in mind. This philosophy can clearly be seen in his work as he focuses on the interplay between fields of transparent color, and subtle surface textures created from molds. ” I work with organic and free flowing forms to best take advantage of the fluid nature of glass.” Much of his work is functional while the rest alludes to function, but all of it can serve as gorgeous decoration.