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Reusable Glass Drinking Straws — Save the planet in style!

Our glass straws, made by hand in our Flamework studio, come in a variety of colors and are made of Pyrex to ensure durability. Use in your morning iced latte, protein shake, or whatever else keeps you refreshed throughout the day.

Our straws are made locally in Duluth, Minnesota by our staff artists. Our Glass straws are shatter-resistant, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and of course, Eco-Friendly! 

  • Approx 8" – 10" in lengthPlease note that while we do our best to create a cohesive series, not every piece will be identical as it is all handmade and subject to variations. Remember, this is #ArtForLife!
  • Reusable – Our Glass Straws are a safe and sustainable way to keep our planet clean. Compare this to non-biodegradable plastic straws, which are are used once and discarded. Your new Glass Straw, on the other hand, is intended to be used over and over again!
  • No Taste – Glass straws do not leave any metallic or silicone taste in your mouth like many other reusable straws. Glass straws are easier to clean, as you can see inside to clean out any residue.
  • Durable –  Our Glass Straws are made of Borosilicate, the same glass used for Pyrex bakeware. It can withstand high temperatures & are safe to use in cold and hot drinks. They're dishwasher safe in the silverware basket, too!
  • Available in 9.5mm and 12mm diameter – pick up the standard 9.5 millimeter straw, or go big in your smoothie with a wider 12 millimeter straw!

While you're here, pick up a few Wire Cleaners to clean out every last speck of smoothie, iced coffee, or shake from inside your brand new straw.

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Color: Clear
Size/Type: 9.5mm - Straight

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