Charlene Louma

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Artist Charlene Louma

Charlene Louma, of Virginia Minnesota, has worked with and enjoyed many forms of visual art. She has received many awards for her involvement and support of the arts, including the 2011 Maddie Simons Advocacy Award and A Women in Leadership from the city of Duluth in 2009. Lake Superior Art glass currently features Louma’s abstract photography, of which she says, “This recent abstract photography has been aesthetically satisfying. I separate objects and disassociate them from their recognizable reality. I love the ambiguity and non-objectiveness. It’s about feelings and reaction to form and color. It’s not conventional or easily classified and I would anticipate some resistance due to lack of distinguishable details. It, however, greatly frees me to be self-expressive. I enjoy every step of the process and it has helped me to become more aware of my surroundings.”