Brian Lagesse

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Artist Brian Lagesse

The brilliance and optics are what draw me to the transparency of glass. When creating a blown piece of glass life’s little everyday problems just disappear. Glass has been around before ancient Egypt to our present day serving multiple purposes, but what interests me is the artistic potential within the glass.

As an avid fisherman I’ve spent a lot of time observing nature. The swirling back current of rivers and streams has always caught my fascination. I apply this beautiful yet simple pattern of nature into my art.

While working with the glass I have grown great respect and appreciation for the beauty that can be created. After learning the process of manipulating the material I ask the molten glass to move and shape into an end result. The possibilities are endless in what glass can be made into; and I will push the limits of my abilities as I grow to truly understand how the glass moves.

- Brian Lagesse