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October's Featured Artist: Daniel Corich

October's Featured Artist: Daniel Corich

Light up the night with Daniel Corich's glass artwork.

Daniel Corich, glassblower at Lake Superior Art Glass, creates functional and beautiful decor, eye-catching jewelry, and more. His unique style, effectively combining color and form to create fluid, effortlessly eye-catching glass art has earned him a spot as one of Lake Superior Art Glass's staff glassblowers.


From his artist biography:

As a craftsperson, I mainly want my work to reflect the way I think the world should be. When I look at a pumpkin, I think it should glow. When I see squids I see a cute little blob of jelly. I would like to go beyond current notions of what glass can be, but for now my nose is on the grind stone working towards mastering the basics of glass's personality.

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